Educating the minds and hearts of twenty-first century students


Spaces To Excel

A Nightingale education has always provided a strong foundation in the liberal arts and fostered the intellectual and personal development of its students. Our curriculum aims to build intellectual rigor, cross-cultural understanding, and the skills needed for future learning, including how to negotiate our complex, technological world. The current renovation and expansion of the schoolhouse supports these goals by creating spaces that encourage discourse, exploration, and innovation. 

Spaces to collaborate

Effective leadership in the modern world requires both a strong sense of self and the ability to empathize with others. It also requires the capacity to address issues of global significance. In a renovated schoolhouse, Nightingale will continue to nurture girls’ emotional intelligence and provide the type of global education they need to effect change. This will happen, however, in spaces better suited to that purpose.

Renovations and expansion include:

  • Presentation spaces, including a black box theater and public speaking room, reinforce our commitment to helping every girl find her voice.
  • Gathering spaces throughout the building—such as the Upper School Commons, Middle School Hub, and Lower School library—are designed to encourage social interaction and relationship building.
  • Integrated technology in the classrooms will allow teachers to expand learning beyond the blue doors and across the globe. 
  • Seminar rooms and the Open Doors center will give girls the chance to think about their place in the world and to connect with others.

  • Reconfigured classrooms of varying sizes and configurations that are easily adaptable to different modes of instruction and learning.
  • STEAM facilities, such as new art studios, science labs, and a rooftop greenhouse, all of which exemplify our commitment to science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics education.
  • Beautifully redesigned libraries that will cultivate a love of reading, as well as modern research skills.
  • A fitness center to help girls strike a healthy mind-body balance.

Black Box Theater

The strength of this new multipurpose space rests in its apparent simplicity. Located on the lower level, the room is flexible enough to support student-developed shows, drama productions, music rehearsals, dance rehearsals, PE classes, and a variety of parent association events and meetings.


Lower School Library

The Lower School library anchors the eastern end of the fourth floor. Its inviting design encourages girls to settle in and discover the joy of reading, with cozy spots to curl up with a book, as well as welcoming spaces for collaborative work and class activities.



Located on the southeastern corner of our sixth floor, the greenhouse represents our strong commitment to science education for girls at all levels. It provides the opportunity for students to learn with their hands and to run long-term experiments in biology, chemistry, and the Earth sciences.


Fitness Center

A fully equipped fitness and training space occupies the ground-level floor of the townhouses, allowing students to work on their physical strength and overall fitness throughout the year, as well as broadening the scope of training for Nightingale’s athletics teams.

“This schoolhouse expansion is distinct because Nightingale is distinct. Creativity and innovation will flourish in our new spaces, as we make room for cross-disciplinary conversation, collaborative work, and student-directed projects.”
— Paul A. Burke, Head of School

Middle and Upper School Library

The Middle and Upper School library has been reimagined and expanded to support the role of the library in the modern age. With more space for the girls to study and collaborate with one another, the library is a place of learning and connection for our students.


Upper School Commons

Two classrooms were combined to create the Upper School Commons, which has quickly become the hub of our vibrant Upper School. The perfect space for girls to study, relax, and meet with teachers or one another, the Commons is the new location of choice for socializing in the Upper School.


Middle School Hub

In keeping with our goal to define the middle school years as a time of joy, growth, and exploration, the Middle School Hub provides students with a dynamic and flexible space for community learning and relationship building, both hallmarks of that division.


STEAM Learning

Our fifth floor is the hub of STEAM learning, featuring both new and renovated science and art classrooms. The floor's design provides for larger art studios that allow us to tailor spaces to specific areas of study, such as painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, digital imaging, printing, video, and animation. Two Lower School science labs and newly imagined Middle and Upper School labs encourage collaboration, scientific exploration, and hands-on learning.



The third floor now incorporates classrooms of varying size, which are tailored to different styles of teaching and learning. The seminar room and the two-tiered public speaking room both feature glass walls on both sides, allowing natural light to flow from the library windows directly through the classrooms and into the Upper School hallway.