Signature Spaces: Light-Filled Art Studios


The Nightingale-Bamford School’s visual arts program incorporates numerous disciplines including painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, digital imaging, woodworking, printing, stone-carving, puppetry, assemblage, collage, sculpture, jewelry making, video, and animation. The renovation of Nightingale’s schoolhouse provided an opportunity to create spaces that enhance the rich programming the school offers students. Housed on the fifth floor, a new suite of art studios does just that.
Four distinct rooms make up this “signature space” of Nightingale’s new schoolhouse.  They include a Lower School art studio, a ceramics studio, and a dedicated Middle and Upper School art studio. In addition to new equipment and furnishings, perhaps the best feature of these spaces is their abundance of natural light.
Describing the atrium-like Middle and Upper School art studio, art teacher Maggie Tobin praised the, “beautiful light to make students feel inspired.” All of the studios also have shade systems that allow teachers to manipulate the amount of light entering the spaces.
“The room is a lot better than it was before,” said Audrey Jarnagin ’21 during her Art for Social Change class with Ms. Tobin. “The view is so amazing for an art room, and the lighting is incredible.”
Arianna Garcia ‘19 said working in the new art studio “motivates you to work harder.”
Members of Class XII spoke of their appreciation of the ceramics studio, which used to be half its size.
“There’s more space for girls to do different things,” explained Margaret Lachman ’17, pointing to her classmates. “I'm working on the wheel but they're doing something else. There’s more room for people to specialize in whatever kind of ceramics they want to do, which is very nice.”
“Also, light. Light is very important,” she continued. “The whole school used to be really dark. Once, I put in a suggestion box that we needed brighter lightbulbs as a joke–but it was also true.”
“It’s so cool,” said Halle Jaffe ’17 about the ceramics studio. “There’s so much more light, while the old room was so teeny, and didn’t allow much in. Also, the tables are next to each other, while they used to be all spread out. Really, everything's just better!”

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