Nightingale Purchases New Building

Nightingale-Bamford has just purchased #30 East 92nd Street, a building that sits adjacent to #28, the townhouse the school purchased several years ago. The additional square footage will allow Nightingale to expand educational space while still adhering to one of the essential principles of the Nightingale experience: teaching all girls together in one schoolhouse.

“Our goal is to integrate these new additions into our current building,” explained Head of School Paul Burke in announcing the purchase. “Once you are inside the blue doors, it will feel like a cohesive space, with each floor of the new buildings flowing seamlessly into the existing footprint. We are focusing on creating new spaces for both students and adults, with an emphasis on instructional space. We are also committed to honoring the architectural legacy of the townhouses and our neighborhood. Our plan is to restore these buildings and their facades to their original beauty.”

“This is a wonderful time for Nightingale-Bamford,” added Nina Joukowsky Köprülü ’79, president of the Board of Trustees. “Not only does the school gain much-needed square footage, but it also gives us the chance to reimagine our entire schoolhouse for coming generations: to look unflinchingly at our current building, address its shortcomings, and use our expanded space to improve where, how, and even what we teach. I couldn’t be more excited.”

Construction plans are unfolding; according to Burke, renovations will begin once Nightingale has secured the necessary permits. Fundraising is also expected to commence soon.

“Paying for a project of this size will require a community-wide commitment, and in the near future we will be tackling the largest fundraising campaign in our history,” Köprülü concluded. “I am confident that we can rise to meet this challenge.”

The Nightingale schoolhouse throughout the years