Dear Alumnae, Parents, and Friends of Nightingale,

One of the greatest strengths of the Nightingale-Bamford School community is our commitment to educating the hearts and minds of girls in a challenging, vibrant community that prizes academic excellence. From its founding, and through several renovations, we have done so in one schoolhouse.

Today, Nightingale is in the midst of our most ambitious transformation yet–a $45 million effort to renovate our entire schoolhouse and expand our footprint to include 28 and 30 East 92nd Street. We are proud to announce that the Every Girl campaign–the largest in the school’s history–has already garnered more than $30 million in commitments towards our $45 million goal.

We are extremely grateful for the generosity of our early donors, who have pledged to support Nightingale during this historic moment for our school. Now, we are asking every member of the Nightingale community to join us in making the Every Girl campaign a success.

This website details the school’s vision for this project, which will create a learning environment that serves the needs of every girl, well into the school’s second century. Funded by the Every Girl campaign, this renovation ensures that all Nightingale girls, today and in the future, will benefit from learning together in one schoolhouse.

Our commitment to a single schoolhouse is a recognition that our entire community helps shape the minds and hearts of every girl. We sincerely hope you will demonstrate your belief in that ideal by pledging your support today.


Blair Pillsbury Enders ’88, P’22
Elena Hahn Kiam ’81, PP’14, P’17
Gregory Palm P’23